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    Fearless Explorer, Underwater Expert, Archaeologist,

    (and part-time DJ on the side).

  • Who even is she?

    The woman, the legend.

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    Welcome to the world of Atlantis Jones.

    Over her years of exploring, adventuring,

    archaeologo-sising and DJ-ing,

    Atlantis has built a cult following.


    Her autobiography "I am the Legend you wanted to be" sold over 45 copies, and is now to be made into a major motion picture, unconfirmed rumours are that Bryce Dallas Howard could possibly star as Atlantis, and Simon Pegg possibly as Peter Ploppy.

    Maeron is rumoured to be played by Daniel Craig (although Craig has yet to comment), with Idris Elba in the running as Absolom. Danny Jules-Jones might be approached as Freddie Fish, and Al from Beach Mission will reprise his role as "That other fish".

    Rose Byrne could be approached to be the narrator, with other actors still to be confirmed.


    The Director (Danni Boil) has spent a huge budget of well into the hundreds on the project. He is reported to have said "none of your business".


    Plus, down the bottom of this site, you can either buy the whole script online as a published book, or you can download the script as a free PDF.

  • Leaked rehearsals of the final episode.

    An audience member snuck this film of the team rehearsing for the feature-length movie, testing the material out on a group of Beach Mission kids and yoof.

    This is the final episode of the first mini-series of Atlantis' life.

  • Buy the leaked script to the mini-series

    Yes, it's true. The original mini-series inspired by the life and work of Atlantis Jones can now be bought for a teeny-weeny amount.
    [There's also a link to the file to download for free below here, but it's super cheap to buy it from the Print-on-demand site too, and we make nothing from it.
    Just sayin'

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    The Script

    If you don't want to buy it from our Print-on-demand store above, you can just download the whole thing for free here.